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Promo artwork for “The Knock” (©CubeInk Productions)



JUNE 8th – Viking Destiny, feature film written and directed by David L. G. Hughes and produced by Misfits Entertainment, Fatal Black and Six Mile Hill starts shooting today.

FEBRUARY 6th – The second season of The Lodge, musical drama produced by Zodiak media for Disney Channel, enters production today.



OCTOBER 3rdPaula, TV drama produced by BBC Grafton Street for BBC, starts filming today.

JULY 4thMillie Inbetween Season III starts filming today.

APRIL 18th – The trailer for Adult Life Skills is released.

MARCH 7thThe Lodge, musical drama produced by Disney Channel, starts filming today.


NOVEMBER 2ndThe Secret, produced by Hat Trick Productions, directed by Nick Murphy and starring Jimmy Nesbitt, enters production today.

SEPTEMBER 28thThe Journey, directed by Nick Hamm and produced by Greenroom Entertainment, starts shooting today.

JULY 6th – The second series of Millie Inbetween, produced by Foundation TV for the CBBC, starts shooting today.

MAY 4thThe Secret Life of Boys, produced by Zodiak Media / Foundation TV for the CBBC and ABC 3 Australia, enters production today.

APRIL 27th – At the British Independent Film Festival 2015, Solitary wins Best UK Feature and Unhallowed Ground wins Best Sci-Fi / Horror.

APRIL 21st – Solitary wins the Silver Remy Award at WorldFest Houston for Best Independent Feature.

APRIL 16th – Solitary opens the London Independent Film Festival at the Genesis Cinema in London. The official trailer can be found here (

JANUARY 11thSolitary won Best Feature, Best Screenplay and Best Actress at the Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema.

JANUARY 10thEmotional Fusebox, the pilot for Rachel Tunnard’s debut feature How To Live Yours, has been nominated for Best British Short at BAFTA.