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Still from “Into the Badlands S3” (© Aidan Monaghan/AMC)

“We have had the pleasure of working with Dario on a few projects, both commercial and dramatic. He is professional, efficient and always a firm favourite in any film crew. As directors, it’s key we have a 1st AD that we can trust, who will listen but also knows how to get the job done whilst keeping the crew productive and happy. Dario is capable of all these things which is why we will always continue to work with him.”

Saul Abraham & Josh Feder, Directors


Set design for “The Dare Side of the Moon” (© Lorenzo Guerrieri)

“Great organizational and communication skills. Dario is a very good asset to any production/AD team that needs support and a charismatic individual to deal with things quickly and efficiently. Highly recommended.”

Thibault Travers, 1st AD & Producer @ Sweetdoh!


Still from “Mrs. Wilson” (© BBC / WP Films Ltd)

“Dario distinguishes himself by consistently and effectively tackling all tasks that are given to him. He is dependable and a pleasure to work with, he has a great attitude and presents himself in a sharp and professional manner which is needed in this industry.”

Rebecca Ioannou, Producer/Production Manager



Promo material for “The Secret” (© Hat Trick Productions / ITV)

“Dario proved to be invaluable to the production. He was organised and hard working throughout pre-production and shooting, planning a complex schedule brilliantly. On set he was able to deal with all logistical issues with a calm, professional manor.”

Peter Appleyard, Director



Still from “Light Years” (© Third Films)

“Dario worked as 1st AD on our short film A PERFECT SOLDIER. He was calm, capable and very professional. Coming on board at the last minute meant he had a lot to catch up on, but he was very reassuring and worked well on set.”

Jade Alexander, Producer @ Little Jade Productions

Behind the Scenes of “Rumble” (© Ben Horrillo)

“Dear Dario, Just a quick note to say thank you, and you were perfect!”

Aicha Kossoko, Actor/Director